Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Uncluttering of the New Year

Remember in May of last year when I started clearing out my old memories? I had containers of craft project supplies, photo albums, and art related albums. This is what I started with. Yeah, a lot, I know. Though it was "organized", these containers had moved with me several times and had yet to be dealt with. Nothing was being used, or displayed, so it was a waste of space.

Then in June I went through them again. I had managed to clear about half the clutter. But it still was too much stuff. I didn't display the items I really liked, because I felt guilty about having too many items  I no longer cared for. So right before Christmas I did a mini purge. Two albums got sorted and trashed, I saved a handful of photos. I vowed that the next purge would get it down to one box. I would treat myself to finding and displaying something special. Right after New Years I found myself with a little time home alone. So I brought the two containers in the house and spread everything out on the floor.

And I grabbed a trash bag. I sorted quickly. What went out? Bad quality photos, ticket stubs, event flyers, more sketches, and things I couldn't remember why I still had them. Only one box to deal with in the future. Yes, its crammed, but it closes, and I'm perfectly fine with that. For now.

Eventually I will decide on the right company to scan and digitally save the photos I want. I think I want them on thumb drives. That way I can pop them into a digital frame, and rotate my pics as I choose. And actually enjoy them. (Instead of keeping them tucked away.) The plan is to have the box loosely packed. I would like to be able to also rotate out my keepsakes for display.

It took less than an hour to complete. As promised, with the help of my lovely assistant, I hung some art. I selected my favorite weaving projects from college. And don't ask me how long ago that was.

So when will you do your next purge? What is next on the list? How will you reward yourself?

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