Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Made: DIY Tee shirt scarf

It's already November, aka Scarves With Everything weather!

I usually don't do this but... I am reposting a DIY from way back. So far back, I can't even find it on my own blog. It's my version of a Tee shirt scarf/necklace. The next one I make will most likely be chunkier and bigger. Anyway I got the idea to repost from this very creative blog: Decorating Cents (Go check her out when you get a chance.)

Just so you know, I will have to describe the steps best I can, because I didn't do a photo tutorial for it.

-Measure, and cut the length desired into a rectangle shape. 
-Fold in half, right sides together. 
-Pin 2 short ends and sew. (It will look like a tube.)
-Cut slits in the tube, from the folded edge up to the sewn edge. But don't get scissor happy.

-Trim loose threads, and tidy it up.
-Do a quick hand wash, then air dry.

Now you can wear and enjoy your very own, hand crafted, tee shirt scarf. Try layering in different lengths and colors. Have fun with it.

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    Very cute, lady. And I see your lip gloss pop'n. ;)


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